For several years now, I’ve wanted to write a short paper on FIFA and its work. Even thou I am delighted fan of football, I am not involved in it, neither as a player or former player, neither as an activist or employee of any football club or association. But, since I am engaged in political analysis and interested in international relations, I have a few very important remarks regarding FIFA. Right now, in the middle of corruption scandals that hits FIFA, I was motivated to write about that.
First, who controls FIFA? As I am aware of, it is an association of national football associations. There is no external oversight body or control. Ok, you can find similar international sport associations But it is extremely important for my next and crucial remark. Before I come to that, I have to write about money. Huge amounts of money are in this game. Criminals are great investors in football. Dirty drug money is all over football. Why? Because in FIFA you have different rules of engagement. How? Every international organisation, where members are States, you have conflicts of interests. And that’s a model of control, which is not a perfect one, of course. But in FIFA, they all have the same interests. Money. When I say all, I mean majority and the most powerful members and „players“. So, in an association where billions of euros are spent and earned every year, there is no control. And there is no losers. Really, who lose? FIFA is paying taxes, I’m sure. Of course, with help of audit companies, world’s legalised money laundries. But what about conflict of interest? What about fairness and good governance (of the game)? And what about corruption? For example, national association of my country make a deal with other association for some misdeed, with FIFA’s approval. Governments cannot intervene. You know why? That’s the main thing.
Second, and the most important thing is that Governments cannot intervene in case that national association is doing something wrong. Governments cannot be involved in choosing national associations’ officials. You know why? Because FIFA can sanction that association. No, wait, they can sanction those Government. No, wait, they can sanction that nation. Yes, that’s exactly the card the FIFA is playing on. If you ban one’s nation football, you are touching one of the most important nerve. Who are day? Threatening to the Governments? Who are they? Is it possible that no one is talking about that? Of course they are not. Because, everyone has the same interest. National associations are untouchable by the Governments. Protected by FIFA. The almighty FIFA.
I just wanted to start discussion on this issue. Hope I’ll find good feedback.


I encourage you to leave your comments and perspectives

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